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About the Authors

Dr. Paul Dean has been a pastor for over twenty years and has served as the Teaching Pastor at Providence Baptist Church in Greer, SC for almost fifteen years. He spends much time training individuals in the areas of pastoral ministry, biblical counseling, discipleship, and parenting through various means. He is a Regional Mentor for the International Association of Biblical Counselors. He has various outreach writing venues including a webblog on Crosswalk.com. He served seven years as the Director for Applied Ministry at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary's extension program in Greenville, SC. Dr. Dean holds degrees from the College of Charleston (BA), the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div., Th.M.), and Erskine Theological Seminary (D.Min.). He is married to Mary and they have three children.

Alan Melton is the founder of “Disciple Like Jesus” ministry. They encourage parents and grandparents to disciple their children in the same manner that Jesus made disciples. His articles have been featured in numerous publications and he speaks at churches, associations, and numerous conferences on a regular basis. Alan has served the Lord as a church planter, teaching elder, deacon chairman, and business owner. He led various evangelism ministries in his church for ten years and juvenile delinquent ministries for sixteen years. He is married to Donna and they have two children.

About the Book

The church is losing over two million children every year and they are not returning. As young people graduate and hit college they are losing their faith. What can parents do about this tragedy? The Lord Jesus showed us the way. Immediately following three years of making disciples, Jesus commanded us to do the same. Disciple Like Jesus for Parents offers practical, biblical ways to make disciples of your children. The book is built around four major disciple-making principles from Jesus’ ministry: He told His disciples to follow Him while He showed them how to follow God; He spent time with His disciples as He took them into the world; He constantly taught Scripture and showed them how to minister; He sent them out in twos and protected them from wolves. In this much needed and timely book, you will learn how His approach can transform your family into the image of Christ; how following His ways will allow you to enjoy the great blessings of children; and how discipling like Jesus is your practical hope in seeing your children walk with God all the days of their lives.


Part One – Are you Discipling Your Children Like Jesus?

1-The Cause of our Losses

2-Wall Street or Streets Paved with Gold?

3-Therefore Go and Make Disciples of All your Children

Part Two – Jesus told His Disciples to Follow Him while He Showed them How to Follow God

4-Congratulations, You’re Just the Right Person for the Job!

5-Follow the Leader: You!

Part Three – Jesus was with His Disciples and He took them into the World

6-Counting the Cost: Being with your Children

7-The Most Important Gift to your Children: Your Time

8-Your Home: A Discipling Community

Part Four – Jesus Constantly Taught Scripture and Showed His Disciples how to Minister

9-Teaching Scripture to your Children

10-The Ministry of Saturation

11-Applying God’s Word to Your Child’s Heart

12-Showing your Children how to Minister to Others

Part Five – Jesus Sent His Disciples out in Twos to Protect them from Wolves

13-Big, Bad Wolves Everywhere!

14-Keeping the Wolves at Bay

15-Special Areas of Concern for Older Teens

16-Send them Out – Armed!