The Germans have a word for a comprehensive view of life that has a lot of philosophically cool stuff attached to it: weltanschauung. It’s what they might call wide world perception, not to be confused with wide world of sports. We simplify things a bit and translate it worldview; hence the word in the title. My presupposition is that there is only one way to look at the world and see it rightly. Put another way, there is only one lens through which to look to have the right view, understanding, or position on anything and everything. Hence the word true in the title. Plus, true rhymes with worldview and that makes it kind of catchy. Oh, by the way, that one true lens is God’s word of course – the Old and New Testaments that reveal the Lord Jesus Christ. We’re talking about what Francis Schaeffer called “true truth.” 

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True Worldview is an engaging conversation between Christi Johnson and Dr. Paul Dean on ultimate questions and the relevant issues of our day. The dialogue is rooted in a biblical worldview with the goal of teaching people to think, and to think biblically. They cover a variety of subjects including news and culture; church and theology; politics and government; marriage and parenting; and so much more. The hosts are Christ-centered and gospel-driven. View the world -- through True Worldview. New episodes every Tuesday and Thursday available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and Spotify.