Cultural Engagement in Music: Consumerism vs. Creativity | True Worldview Ep. 9

Christi and Paul move beyond their reflections on the coming deaths of nearly every Rock legend to contrast their music with pop music today. They touch on consumerism vs. creativity as competing forces behind music production, which leads to some thoughts concerning biblical, cultural engagement rooted in the beauty of God and our call to image Him.

The Religion of Our Culture | True Worldview Ep. 7

On today’s episode Christi and Paul talk about the religion of our culture. There’s a common idea that one can come to a subject from a position of neutrality; that we can leave religious issues at the door and simply talk in terms of science, or the latest political “truth” of our day. But every idea has a worldview behind it. Listen in as Christi and Paul debunk the idea of neutrality and highlight certain cultural religious elements along the way.

Racism, Culture, and the Transcendence of the Gospel | True Worldview Ep. 6

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, came under fire recently after a photo emerged of him wearing blackface to a party when he was 29. Christi and Paul tackle this head on and ask questions like "What is racism?" They discuss the political climate of the Civil Rights Movement vs. when the photo was taken and compare it all to our current culture. How should Christians respond? Listen in for more.

Marriage, Career and the Cost of Having it All | True Worldview Ep. 3

Can women, or any of us "have it all," or "do it all?" That's part of what Christi and Paul get into in this episode. They also deal with the issue of marriage and declining divorce rates among other items. How does a biblical worldview inform our decisions on when to marry, why to marry, when to have children, or how to balance a career and home-life? Listen in to their discussion.