Woman Films Own Abortion: No Guilt, but . . .

So Casablanca ends up being about putting personal feelings aside for the more important effort of fighting for freedom in the war. Ilsa thinks her husband Victor is dead and falls in love with Rick who loves her back. Victor turns up alive and Ilsa leaves Rick when she finds out. As time goes by, she and Rick end up meeting again and she vows never again to leave him. In the last scene, the cynical and sidelined Rick becomes a hero when he joins the fight with this:

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Why I Don't Celebrate Abraham Lincoln's Birthday

Let’s be clear: I hate slavery and racism because God hates slavery and racism. The bible is clear that all human beings are created in God’s image and have essential dignity. That’s why any Christian who is pro-life must also be anti-racism. Just as murder is an attack on God Himself so too is racism (Gen. 9:6).

So why do I not celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s birthday? It’s because he was neither pro-life nor anti-racism.

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